Trump’s rally reverse

Trump rally


In case the first weeks of the year are showing us the reliable view of traders to the further trends, we should seriously be concerned by the weakening of the American currency. During the first week of the year EURUSD renewed many-years lows, but reversed towards the growth. It managed to accelerate its attack last week despite of some dropping in the middle of the week. Based on the price movements we may conclude that the pair is bought on drops, making the sequence of increasing highs and lows. So far this movement is considered as a part of profit fixing more…

Pre-holiday hustle on Forex



Last week was promising to be quite calm. Finally, this happened but at the beginning of the week, Euro renewed 13-year lows against dollar, having touched 1.0351. However, bears did not have enough power later on to accelerate the attack, and EURUSD returned to 1.0450 mark where it started the next-to-last week of the year. In the beginning, the main driver was a positive attitude for risks demand, but the cautiousness of players prevailed by the end of the week which encouraged growth of the common currency. At some point, bulls even tried to push the pair up to 1.0500 but more…

USD rally is coming to a halt for some rest



Last week the dollar bulls were proving their supremacy. They had to fight again for passing downwards the 1.10 level by EURUSD pair. Draghi once more has rattled nerves but very soon everything got back to its place. Euro confirmed its downtrend. It is now proven by the exit from the small consolidation Triangle in the first week of October, followed by the pair’s bulls attempt to return it to the range. Two weeks ago there was the exit from the second Triangle. Then euro-bulls were trying either to turn the market to the familiar range, but they failed. It looks more…

Following GBP other currencies appeal their boundaries on forex



Forex was waiting for the idea during the third quarter. It did not appear, therefore EURUSD has changed for less than 1.5 figures during the last three months. Volatility indicator ATR (22), showing daily range of the last month, is being on the lows from the middle of 2014 during almost two months. On those days indicator was going even lower – to 40 points from the current 60, but we could see the movement, which we do not have now. It is a heaven for those who prefer range trading in Forex. Moreover, the actual range of trading in the more…

Market is still flat, no trend yet

Waiting for trend


Last week Euro again could not steadily take 1.13 level. Although, there are still no reasons for decline. On Thursday and Friday the important US data will be released. Thursday retail sales data may be this time more important than inflation. The latest will doubtfully make sharp rise towards Fed’s target. Annual inflation in July was 0.8% and it will take long way to 2.0%. Currently markets realize only 15% probability of rate rising on the next week. Earlier Federal Reserve was trying not to surprise markets and act along with the expectations, as a whole. It is unlikely that strong more…