Mature divergence of Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan



This week good news from the USA economy continued to appear. However, some noticeable strengthening of the American currency came into view only by the end of the week. EURUSD ended Friday trading below 1.10 and was more than a figure away from the 200 MA. Such position allows us to talk about potential for the further decline when the trading starts the next week. Dollar bulls are inspired by the several good releases from the US economy.

Building permits and housing starts were better than expected and indicated the further growth. Existing houses sales reached 5.57 m. showing the highest level more…

Overbought USD


1.2859 is another new low in EURUSD. Since the moment when this low was hit at the beginning of the EU session the pair has been consolidating above 1.2900. Though it is hard to believe in growth of the single currency on some good news from the eurozone, there will be reasons for a pullback in the pair. Now market participants are building the earlier end of the QE programme and/or the earlier beginning of rate increases into the rates. It is obvious from the reaction of the debt and stock markets, but the currency market seems to have already made more…

Possible Friday’s correction in USD


The Malaysian plane crash over Ukraine put heavy pressure on the stock exchanges. Anyway,in Forex, particularly in EURUSD, the situation didn’t change much. Yesterday the pair was trading within the narrow range between 1.3515 and 1.3540. Earlier today (on the sale of Asian assets) the euro/dollar dropped to 1.3510, but soon it found support at the lows. Quite possibly, today we will again see a correction, which has become almost traditional for Fridays. Moreover, today there aren’t any important macroeconomic statistics scheduled for release either in Europe or in the USA. The market has been farmed out to traders, who can more…

Profit taking in GBP


Monday didn’t abound in important news releases and statistics. Anyway, the single currency managed to slightly grow against the dollar and the pound. At the very beginning of trading in Europe EURUSD rose by 40 pips due to the stronger risk demand, which we highlighted in our yesterday’s review. However, by the end of the day the positive had dispersed. To some extent it was a result of Draghi’s claims in the EU Parliament that purchases of public and private debt fall ‘squarely’ within the ECB’s mandate. Many officials in Germany and other core countries, including members of the ECB, are more…

EUR doesn’t surrender 1.37


The euro/dollar has been depreciating for the recent two weeks. Despite the fact that during the last week the pair has mainly been close to 1.3700, we can’t but notice that bears still contrive to push it lower and lower before bulls gain revenge. Yesterday’s local low preceding the FOMC meeting minutes brought the euro to 1.3634. The minutes themselves proved to be milder than could be expected. The news released before the meeting on April 29-30 was generally positive, so the market expected to see more confidence about tapering and, probably, more certainty about rates. However, ‘flexibility’ in consideration of more…