Making money in intraday trading: 3 proven strategies

Don’t you sometimes get tired of hearing: “Beginners shouldn’t get into intraday trading”, or “Experienced traders do not trade lower than the daily time frame.”

Well, you are not Warren Buffett yet, and while you don’t have millions of dollars on our account, let’s be honest: sometimes you do think of venturing into intraday trading and making a pretty penny, or even more.

Our first and most important tip here is:

Intraday trading should suit your personality.

Before we dive deeper into intraday strategies, let us remind you that you can only earn when the trading style suits your personality. Period.

If you like to get things done quickly, if patience is not your strong more…

6 Interesting Forex Facts Most Traders Don’t Know

1. How did the first Forex market look?

The barter system is the oldest method of exchanging goods for other goods. It was first introduced in 6000BC by Mesopotamia tribes. Back in the day, salt and spices were used as the main mediums of exchange. This is how the first-ever form of foreign exchange looked like. Eventually, the first gold coins were produced in the 6th century BC, and they acted as a currency. Although gold coins were widely accepted as a medium of exchange, they appeared to be impractical because they were quite heavy. In 1875, the countries adopted the Gold more…

Stop Making This One Trading Mistake… and start making money from trading!

Nobody likes to get unsolicited advice, especially when people tell what to do and think that they know better: “you should do it this way”, “no, you’re doing it wrong”, “it won’t work if you…”

We know it can be annoying in your everyday life, but in trading, there are certain rules that you have to observe. And we are here to tell you exactly what to do, or rather – what not to do to finally start earning. Just hear us out, and then make your own decision.

Most novice traders make the same mistake when they decide to dive into the world more…

Manual trading vs. Automated trading

Having read about the unlimited Forex opportunities and huge profits that large investors receive, many people decide to start working in the foreign exchange market and try themselves in the role of a trader. When a novice trader registers a trading account and gets started, he immediately faces a choice between manual or automated trading. In this article, we will talk about these two types of trading and try to find out what are the pros and cons of each of these trading approaches.

Manual trading

Manual trading or self-trading involves making independent trading decisions. And while manual trading offers lots of profit-making opportunities, the profit of a trader, in this case, will more…

Double extra 25%

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