The World’s Bigges Pair Has Been Stagnant, When Will the EURUSD Become More Volatile?

Traders have probably noticed that as of late, that the once highly volative and active EURUSD has seen very low volatility and narrow trading ranges. On Wednesday, the pair was up by 0.1% for the day, during the US session, marking a daily move of 10 pips. While it is still the most globally traded pair, this volatility is not enough for traders to base their strategies on.

The truth is, between July and October the pair has barely moved. Its July highs were at 1.20 and lows at 1.16. In simpler terms, its range is at 400 pips over the period of three months, and on most days more…

Is the Bull Run for Gold Over?

Much has been said about the bull market in precious metals as gold rose 40% from March lows to August highs, while silver notably outperformed that and posted a 150% increase in the same time-frame. All this happening within 6 months is very impressive.

However, since August highs, both metals are plunging – gold is lower by 10%, and silver by 25%. That’s understandable, considering the steep rally in metals over the previous months.

The million-dollar question is; what happens next?

The big drop in gold and silver has primarily been driven by dollar strength. The dollar index hit a two-month high on Wednesday. Investors have moved to the USD due to more…

It is definite now: Federal Reserve will not raise the rate

FRS building


During last week, the pair was going up, coming off slowly from the support line of the wide uptrend channel since last December. If we look to the pair movement through this channel, we can notice that movement in May was indicative (two previous movements took almost the same time) and fast movement from its upper boundary to the lower. However, the probability to break the support of the uptrend channel was quite big.

At least Federal Reserve members were helping it a lot, showing, one after another, that possibility and necessity of a soon policy tightening exists. Still market participants were more…

Federal Reserve is preparing markets for the interest rate increase



Last week the Federal Reserve members performed active campaign for changing of market expectations about interest rates. Fed Reserve representatives referred that market volatility calmed down in comparison with the situation in the beginning of the year, while more economic indicators came to the normal levels. Moreover, April FOMC minutes have reflected either that the Committee is seriously considering the rates increase in June. We would like to mention that previous data, possessed by the Committee, were much worse than those noticed during last weeks. Simultaneously, Federal Reserve is observing foreign financial markets cautiously watching out for volatility.

They do not say more…

Sentiments causing a pullback


The market’s unwillingness (or inability) to continue purchases of USD is so strong that it contradicts the current macroeconomic background and forces market participants to look for any chance to lock in the profits. Thus, yesterday’s revised statistics on GDP in the third quarter proved to be surprisingly strong. The annualized growth made 3.9% against the preceding rate of 3.5% and the expected downward revision to 3.3%. The growth rate against 3Q of the previous year totaled 2.4%, which speaks about quite an impressive economic growth. Also, it should be noted that the Personal Consumption Index also rose by 2.2%. Earlier more…