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What is forex cashback?

Nowadays web search engines deliver a huge number of results to queries about Forex and Forex trading. They include Forex brokers’ sites, Forex forums, sites with Forex analytics, Forex calendars (economic calendar) and Forex news, sites on Forex education, various Forex signals and lots of other resources in some way connected with Forex (Forex trading).

Unfortunately the majority of these resources are useless or even harmful. Making the very first steps in Forex you can come across numerous resources about Forex education telling the tales about how easy it is to earn at the Forex market. Then when choosing a broker you can go into business with swindlers instead of licensed and regulated forex brokers. As a matter of fact only 5-10% of all companies claiming themselves as Forex brokers are really regulated. With the rest of the so-called Forex brokers you will never have a successful business at the Forex market.

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