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21% of spread
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21% of spread
and commission
21% of spread
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If the trading account that you want to assign to our partner group was opened earlier, you need to send a request to the broker. A sample letter is shown on the right. The transfer of an account to a partner group occurs at the sole decision of 4XC.

Sign up a new account
In case of a negative decision from the broker, you can go through a new registration on the 4XC website using our partner link. Please note that in this case you will need to use a new email address.

Once your trading account has been transferred to our partner group, please send us an email notification This is necessary to speed up the approval of the invoice in our system.
Fill in the fields, copy the text of the letter and send it to the email specified in the note.

Dear Sirs,

Please place my account xxxxxxxxxxx under IB 69785.

Kind regards,
John Brown

The email should be send to:

4XC Review

About 4XC

Established in 2018, 4XC is a CFD and Forex brokerage that has been created as place where technology innovation, ultra-low spreads, fast execution and an exceptional customer service can be aggregated, offering the very best opportunities to traders and investors alike.

With over twenty years of experience across a range of financial markets, the management team understands the needs of traders. The brokerage is true STP with no dealing desk and accepts all type of trading strategies making it the perfect environment specially for those who seek low latency for algorithmic trading.

4XC Mission

Business model of 4XC relies on the success of clients. They have created a place where they can aggregate technology, innovation, ultra low spreads, fast execution combined with exceptional customer service. Being an execution-only broker with no dealing desk, 4XC accepts all types of traders and trading strategies, creating the optimal environment for success.

4XC Core Values

In a market with intense competition, only the firms who operate based on transparency, uniqueness and superb customer service can make a change, being traders ourselves 4XC understands the importance of adding these values to your trading.

With more than 20 years’ experience across multiple markets, applying the highest trading standards and strongest safety measures for thier clients’ funds.

Added value to their clients is at the forefront of everything they do, from best prices through to education, assisting you to boost your trading experience to the next level.

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