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About us

Globe Gain is your reliable partner and assistant in the world of Forex! With us you can achieve a greater success in business!

Who we are

Globe Gain is an international rebate service uniting only reliable and serious players of the Forex industry. We are interested in the full safety of our clients’ monetary assets, that’s why Globe Gain represents only the brokers that have corresponding licenses and operate under the rigid control of regulating authorities. The reliability of the brokers represented by Globe Gain is proved by their high reputation in the world of Forex and the significant number of clients working with them on a regular basis

Working with different Forex brokers, a trader always has to pay for the effected transactions to the broker company – the intermediary at the Forex market. The amount of the spread or commission can considerably reduce the trader’s income. It especially concerns traders carrying out frequent speculative operations during one trading session

However, people working at the Forex market for a long time know about the “Forex rebate” – the monthly return of a part of the spreads or commissions paid by a trader for the broker’s service. These rebates allow traders to increase a profit (or decrease a loss) from each trading operation

Globe Gain rebate payments help traders to increase the profitability of their trade on average by 20%. Moreover, both beginners and professional Forex market players can profit from cooperation with Globe Gain: the former get a splendid opportunity to decrease their losses and the latter receive additional income from their successful trade operations

Our principle

Today the major concept we adhere to in our business is the high quality of the provided services and it will remain so in the future. We are always ready to support our clients taking their part in case any disputes with the broker arise, providing competent consulting and helping them to achieve good results in their trading activity

Our goal

Our prime objective is to become one of the world’s leaders in providing rebate services. And we are sure that our efficiency combined with an individual approach to each client will help us in this!