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Expert Advisors

What are trading robots? They call them Forex robots or Expert advisers or Forex advisors. In simple words, it is a trading strategy coded in the form of a program. For instance, they use MQL programming language to write EAs for MT4. If we compare manual trading with trading robots, we will see that the latest have certain advantages. Mainly, they are not affected by emotions which very often cause failures of successful strategies. Robots do not feel tired. Robots are able to trade 24/5, executing orders tens and hundreds of times faster than a person. Eventually, with the EA added to your trading account you do not waste your time. Your main resources you can spend with your family and friends, or for other important things in your life. In this section, we will announce trading robots that were checked by us and validated as reliable. However, you should understand and accept that Forex trading is connected with a high risk of losing the whole invested amount. If necessary you should ask for independent professional advice.
Expert Advisor:
  • Verified history: 1 year
  • System type: Technical
  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Trading instruments: EUR/USD
  • Recommended brokers:FxPro, Swissquote, Exness
  • Recommended balance: $2'500 per account
  • Average daily profit: 0.21%
  • Average monthly profit: 6.50%
  • Maximum drawdown: 28.00%
  • Monthly return: $130-250
  • Profit Factor:
  • Standard Deviation:
  • Sharpe Ratio:
Total profit: +188.11%

Rental cost for Globe Gain clients

Number of accounts (Advisors)
Highly Recommended Equity
Expected monthly return
Free VPS
MT4 Credentials Sharing
Get Access
1 month
$130 - $250
3 months
$390 - $750
6 months
$780 - $1'500
1 year
$1'300 - $2'500
1 year
(2'500 per account)
$3'600 - $7'500
1 year
(2'500 per account)
$13'000 - $25'000

If you have an EA with a confirmed trading history (not less than 6 months), you can send us a request, following the button below:

Risk disclosure

Globe Gain does not provide any automated trading and fund management services, as well as any financial consulting. All presented data has informational purposes only.

Please, note that previous trading performance does not guarantee the same performance in the future as well as any profits. Forex trading involves the inherent risks of losing the whole amount of invested funds. Each investor should understand and accept those risks.