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Terms of use

Before you start using the GlobeGain.com service (hereinafter referred to as the Service), carefully read the terms of this Agreement, the terms of use of the GlobeGain.com website, and the policy for processing your personal data set out in this document (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

This document sets out the terms of the offer to the public (the offer) from PE Makarov Aleksandr Vladislavovich, drawn up in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation, registered at: 603074, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, 50 Narodnaya street, 174 (hereinafter referred to as We), that any person using the Service (hereinafter referred to as You, the Customer) may enter into an agreement on the terms specified in the Agreement.

By registering with GlobeGain.com, You agree to the terms of the Agreement. This Agreement comes into effect after You complete the Service registration procedure, namely, after You press the Register button on the registration page (offer acceptance).


1. Definitions and Interpretation

Forex Broker (Broker): Firms that provide traders with access to a trading platform that allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies and other market instruments.

Service: PE Makarov Aleksandr Vladislavovich , offering cashback services as per this Agreement with the Clients.

Client: Individual or legal entity who made registration on the Company’s website and accepted terms and conditions of the current Agreement.

Active Сlient: Individual or legal entity, having at least one approved broker account.

Archived Сlient: Current Client of the Company who did not perform any activity in MyGlobe during 1 year.

Blocked Client: Company’s Client who was blocked for the breach of current Agreement.

CashBack (Rebate): An expression that is used to identify bonus program for referring Clients’ and improving their loyalty. CashBack means deferred discount in the form of repayment of a part of the spread/commission to the Client’s account in My Globe on the Company’s website or directly to the Client’s trading account.

Spread: The difference between the Ask and the Bid prices of a Financial Instrument at the same moment.

Website: http://globegain.com, contains all CashBack information.

Personal area (My Globe): Client’s Personal area on the Company’s website where clearing payments between the Company and the Client are processed. Domain address of My Globe: https://globegain.com/myglobe

Agent (Referrer): Individual or legal entity who refers Clients (Referrals) to Globe Gain, using its Referral link in written or oral form.

Referral link (Partner link): Personal Client’s (referrer) link used for referring Сlients (Referrals).

Referral: Client who was referred by the specific Referrer by means of Referral link or in oral form.


1. Parties to the Agreement

This Agreement is made by and between Globe Gain that is a trademark of PE Makarov Aleksandr Vladislavovich, having its registered address at 603074, Russian, Nizhny Novgorod, 50 Narodnaya street (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and the Client, collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party”.


2. General provisions

2.1. The Company is obliged to pay CashBack to the Clients who registered on the Company’s website.

2.2. The Client accepts unconditionally that he/she is the Client of a broker, and all financial clearing payments between the Client and the Broker are held directly without any participation of the Company.

2.3. Rebates are credited to the Client in My Globe on the Company’s website.


3. Verification and approval of Broker accounts

3.1. Verification of newly added accounts is processed during 24 hours on business days.

3.2. If the added trading account is registered via our Referral link and the account belongs to our partner group, this account will be approved.

3.3. If the added trading account does not belong to our partner group for any reason the Company will provide the Client with instructions to transfer the trading account to our partner group in case such a possibility exists.

3.4. The Company is eligible to request from the Client additional information which may be essential for a successful approval of the trading account.

3.5. The transfer of the current trading account to the Company’s partner group is processed only at the discretion of a Broker. By so doing the Company can not guarantee the transfer to our IB group.

3.6. The time period for trading account verification may take to the maximum 5 business days.

3.7. In case the Client’s broker account was not approved in our system during 2 months for any reason, the Company is eligible to delete this account from the system at the Company’s sole discretion without any preliminary notification of the Client.


4. CashBack Calculation and Crediting

4.1. Calculation and crediting of CashBack is processed from the moment of approval of the Client’s trading account.

4.2. The transactions performed on the trading account before the account’s approval in our system will not be counted in CashBack calculation.

4.3. CashBack crediting time frame is presented on the website on the page of the appropriate broker and it may be changed from time to time.

4.4. If commission was canceled by the broker for the specific trading account or pool of accounts for any reason, the Company will not pay CashBack on those trading accounts.

4.5. The company reserves the right to cancel Client’s rebates in case of any suspect of trading abuse or any breach of this Agreement.


5. Referral system

5.1. The Company provides bonuses for referring of new Clients by means of commission crediting. Commission is calculated as part of the rebate received by the referred Client.

5.2. Referrer’s commission is paid only from the Company’s funds and is not deducted from CashBack amount of the referred Client.

5.3. The Client’s referring is carried out by the Referral link, in oral form or any other methods, which are not restricted by the Law and the Company’s policy.

5.4. The Company is using a tracking system based on Cookies to trace automatically the referral of the Clients.

5.5. Cookies are being saved during 90 days. If the Client registers on the Company’s website after clicking the Referral link we will track the Cookies, so this Client will be mapped under Referrer whose link was used.

5.6. The Company is not responsible if the referred Client can not be tracked in the event of Browser personal settings, including but not limited by block Cookie, using of Adblock and other cases.

5.7. The Company is using one-level progressive Referral system. The commission rate will be changed based on the quantity of Active Clients referred to the Company.

5.8. Up-to-date rates of referral commission are presented in the Personal area (My Globe).

5.9. The Company has a right to change referral rates from time to time as well as set up personal rates.

5.10. The commission will be credited after referring of the first Client.

5.11. The Company will not credit commission for the affiliated accounts. In case such Clients are identified, the Company is eligible on it’s sole discretion to cancel such payments.

5.12. The Company has a sole right to limit and/or to decrease amount of referral payments for the specific brokers for the whole period or for the period of promotions.


6. Withdrawal of funds

6.1. The withdrawal request is made through My Globe.

6.2. By way of exception, the request may be accepted as an email sent to support@globegain.com from the Client’s email registered in our system. Requests sent from other emails will not be accepted for processing.

6.3. Any time the Client can request full or partial withdrawal of funds available on the balance in the My Globe.

6.4. The funds withdrawal is processed through any of the payment systems presented on the Company’s website.

6.5. Payment systems may be changed from time to time. Updated information is available in the Client’s My Globe.

6.6. Current commission for the funds withdrawal is presented in My Globe on the Company’s website.

6.7. In case withdrawal request can not be processed for any reason to the payment system chosen by the Client, the Company reserves the sole right to offer alternative method for funds withdrawal.

6.8. The Company acts diligently to exclude any mistake while transferring funds but is not responsible for incorrect payment details provided by the Client.

6.9. The Company does not bear responsibility if withdrawal request can not be processed by the reason of blocked payment systems of the Client.

6.10. The maximum period for withdrawal request processing is 5 business days.

6.11. Funds withdrawl to the third parties’ details is strongly prohibited.


7. Confidentiality

7.1. The Company takes on the obligation to keep confidential all the information concerning Clients’ personal data, their account, trades, rebates as well as Clients’ payment details.

7.2. By way of exception, the Company is eligible on it’s sole discretion to provide Clients data to the employees and agents of the Company to ensure effective operation as per this Agreement, without any preliminary announcement to the Client.


8. Governing language

This Agreement, Company Website as well as any additional agreement hereto (both present and future) are made in Russian. Any other language translations are provided as a convenience only. In the case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the original English texts and their translation into any other language, the original versions in Russian shall prevail.


9. Dispute Resolution

9.1. The Client has the right to submit a claim to the Company in case a disputable situation occurs. A claim is accepted within 5 (five) business days from the moment a ground for the claim emerged.

9.2. A claim should be sent to the official emails presented on the Company’s website. Claims provided in other forms, including but not limited by forum, informational portal, a telephone call, will not be accepted to consideration.

9.3. A claim should contain precise description of a disputable situation excluding emotional tone, abusive comments as well as non-normative lexicon.

9.4. The Company has a right to request from the Clients any additional information necessary for a decision-making in a disputable situation.

9.5. The Company is obliged to consider all Clients’ claims, make a decision in the shortest period and inform the Client by the email. The maximum period of time for consideration of a claim is 15 business days.

9.6. All disputes between parties that may occur based on the current Agreement will be solved whenever possible by means of negotiations between parties. In case the decision can not be reached by means of negotiations disputes are resolved based on the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


10. Force Majeure

Neither Party shall be liable to the other party for any failure, impediment or delay in performing its requirements under this Agreement where such failure, impediment or delay arises directly or indirectly from circumstances beyond the Parties' reasonable control. Such force-majeure event(s) shall include without limitation, any technical difficulties such as telecommunications failures or disruptions, non- availability of the Parties' websites, for instance, due to maintenance downtime, declared or imminent war, revolt, civil unrest, catastrophes of nature, statutory provisions, measures taken by authorities, strikes, lockouts, boycotts or blockades including cases where only part of the Parties' functions are affected by such events.


11. Other provisions

11.1. In case the Client’s profile was inactive during 1 year (365 calendar days), the profile will be automatically archived. To activate the archived profile it is necessary to send request to info@globegain.com

11.2. The Company does not provide services to the citizens of the USA.


Date of last revision 05/01/2021