Olymp Trade: get 100% back!

Special terms for August 2020 from Globe Gain.

Dear traders,

We are happy to announce a new offer for the next month.

You will be able to increase your cashback and to save your trading commissions. You will get 100 % of our partner commission received from the broker Olymp Trade. Read Terms & Conditions below and join!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All trading accounts registered in Olymp Trade will take part in this offer.
  2. To choose and register the account please use our referral link
  3. During the offer Globe Gain will pay back the full commission received from Olymp Trade from the trades of our clients.
  4. The period of more…

Don’t miss cashback increase

3 months Promo with FIBO GROUP

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only trading accounts opened in FIBO Group are eligible for the promo. All trading accounts – old and newly registered – are eligible for the promo.
  2. The promo starts on February, 18 and ends on May, 18. For all trades closed during the period traders will get increased cashback rate.
  3. The cashback will be increased by 90% from the basic offer. For example, 8 USD per 1 traded lot of EUR/USD instead of previous 4.2 USD.
  4. Additional/ increased cashback will be added online simultaneously with the basic one.
  5. No additional actions are required to take part in more…

Double extra 25%

In January we prepared for you another exciting offer – we called it Double extra 25%.

The offer created for traders who would like to get two benefits at once:

  • 25% marginal bonus to your deposits from AMarkets
  • 25% cashback additionally to the standard cashback from Globe Gain

Let’s start 2019 successfully!

Terms and Conditions

1. Accounts opened in AMarkets via Globe Gain are eligible for the promo. The promo starts on 01/01/2019 and lasts till 31/01/2019.

2. The offer includes marginal trading bonus – 25 % and extra cashback -25%.

3. The requirements of the offer:

3.1. A new account in AMarkets should be more…

December Fest

EACH and EVERY trader gets EXTRA December bonus!

Globe Gain and XM wish you Happy holidays!

December is a very busy and thrilling period. By the end of the year we finalize our plans, we usually think about our achievements and set up new goals.

To make your December better and to help with New Year preparations we together with XM are giving you new opportunity to earn MORE!

Terms and Conditions

1. Trading accounts registered in XM only are eligible for the promo.

2. Each trader will get the extra bonus additionally to the standard cashback. The value of the bonus depends more…

Special November with FBS

Special November with FBS

Why are you choosing GlobeGain? We guess it’s for fair receiving back the part of your spread.

And that’s why we are doing our best to give you more opportunities to earn MORE!

In order to celebrate our long-term cooperation with FBS in November we are giving you the additional 20% to your usual cashback.

Join our Special November from FBS!

Terms and Conditions

1. The offer is available for all existing and new clients.

2. Trading accounts registered in FBS only will take part in the promo.

3. The trader will get 20% additional cashback if the following conditions are more…