Important update by Globe Gain!

Dear Clients,

An important event that we have been long waiting for has occurred. We have the pleasure to present to your attention our updated website. We have changed its structure completely, thus increasing the operating speed. We have also paid special attention to the functionality and usability of the site.

Due to the website change there can be service interruptions, we ask therefore for your understanding. We do our best to avoid all possible irregularity.

We apologize for eventual delays in crediting rebates this month, but we guarantee that all the rebates will be credited till 15th inst. In future we will more…

Christmas and New Year Greetings! The Service Uptime.

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

We would like to congratulate you on upcoming Christmas and New Year. Many people associate New Year with something new, with some point where life changes can be made. It is a good time to start playing sports, to find a new job, to develop a new sales strategy which will bring the first million of dollars. Therefore we wish you success in trading and a big trading volume which will result in large rebates.

Looking back on the year it should be mentioned that not all of the schemes we conceived could be implemented. And it is a more…

Holiday Greetings from Globe Gain!

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends!

As the holiday season approaches, we’d like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for your continued cooperation with us. It is business associates like you, who make our work a pleasure and keep our business thriving.

Together we’ve achieved a lot this year – our client base has risen beyond 6 000 while the amount of the paid rebates has exceeded 5 million dollars. And we are sure that the coming year will be marked with more positive changes and new interesting projects, which will make our cooperation even more beneficial and convenient.

May your more…