ECB has managed to reverse Euro downwards



Last week opening was bad for EURUSD. Prime Minister of Italy has lost the referendum with a big gap. This resulted in pair’s fall to 1.05 level, but bulls managed to the keep the attack: EURUSD closed the day around 1.0760, with the intraday range around three patterns. Further, the pair was developing correction bounce during a week. Eventually, by ECB rate decision on Thursday, EURUSD had already two attempts to climb above 1.08. The same as a year ago, markets were waiting for details about further development from December ECB meeting. Continue reading

Carry –trade is ruling the markets again



The pair is trying desperately to keep stable after it reached the important support level, which managed to withstand multiple bears’ attacks in 2015. However, on Wednesday, which had the full American session on this week, the bears made attempt to press in the important levels. Eventually, EURUSD decreased till 1.0510. The important thing is that the main driver of pair’s weakening was escaping to risky assets. Due to the above, the common currency was losing its attractiveness, as during last years. Continue reading

Trump cannot stop the trend

Donald Trump


Victory of Donald Trump in the president elections caused the volatility splash on the markets, but had not affected key trend at all. Those bears, not forced out by EURUSD three figures takeoff, probably, are feeling great now. The pair is developing its decrease inside the downtrend, breaking on its way the short-term support levels. On Monday opening the support, existing since the end of January, around 1.0850-1.0800 area was broken. Continue reading

The US dollar breaks the important resistance levels

US Dollar


In our previous reviews, we wrote that the idea is coming back to the market (to buy dollars on the rate increase expectations). The idea was taking out quite cautiously during the last week of September and the first week of October. However, the bears managed to swing the market last week as well as to from a remarkable trend along with breaking some important support levels. In our fist review in October we mentioned that important support levels are 1.1150 and 1.1000. Continue reading

USD demand will occur before Fed meeting



During last week, the main currency pair in Forex was moving around 1.1250. Decline of retail sales in August, lower than expected, caused temporary drop of dollar, while EURUSD grew to 1.1280 area– the high since September 9 – for a short period. The core sales decreased by 0.3% after growing by 0.1% a month before and decline expectations by 0.1%. There were enough buyers of the American currency, who returned everything to the place by the end of the day. Already then, the markets showed the unwillingness to sell dollar shortly ahead September FOMC meeting with the results release on September, 21. Continue reading