Dollar is keeping rising on Forex



EURUSD is losing 2.5 figures the second week in a row. The US dollar was continuously growing against currency basket during 10 last days. It’s hard to find a period when the US dollar was growing so constantly, though the movement scope is rather far from the historical maximum swing. But such movements hide inside the biggest danger. The USD demand, during 2008 crisis, was caused by the liquidity issues, so it was solved comparably simple through supply of the USD liquidity. And now, the dollar is increasing due to the fundamental reasons – on the expectations of tougher monetary policy more…

Trump hangs over Dollar

Donald J. Trump


Last week the US dollar was under pressure as the news appeared: Trump is cutting his lagging from Clinton. The perspectives of winning by this representative of the Republicans cause the market fever and strengthen the attractiveness of the safe-haven assets. Hence, EURUSD got the double push: caused by deleverage on financial markets and due to the common weakness of the American currency. However, the weekend brought important (as the markets think) reverse: FBI exculpated Clinton, and moreover, the surveys are showing she stopped losing her positions and her raking started to go up again. This all resulted in EURUSD opening more…

Expectations are the first and foremost



The influence of strong indicators of the labor market from the USA, issued on previous week, did not keep for a long time. On Tuesday, markets again tended to sell dollar. Eventually, by Friday the pair EURUSD reached 1.1250, getting back to the local lows of August. The released statistics calls our attention to the decline of labor efficiency in the USA and the simultaneous increase in expenses for the workforce. That is the evidence of hiring new employees by the companies. The efficiency grows when they fire people and replace them by programs. Therefore, the decrease is not such a more…

Dollar returned to an important support



Fed Reserve comment on monetary policy has evoked volatility splash but eventually did not bring any significant shifts in a trend since the pair continued its smooth growth along the trend from the beginning of the week. As a whole the comment could support American currency since it excluded any concerns about global finances, but was mentioned that income growth would support inflation and bring it closer to its target in a medium-term. Moreover, Fed Reserve mentioned acceleration of real income that, combined with the effect of deflation, will boost eventually inflationary trend. In our opinion, the enclosed announcement contained enough more…

Aussie retreated before dollar



The pair continues to grow but its pace looks more like creeping. Yesterday the pair managed to accelerate and reached 1.1340 but it returned to its main trend by the end of the day, having dropped below 1.13. Now again the trades are going on above that line, while investors are not in a rush to extremely stress statistics from Europe before FOMC comments on monetary policy. But here they should pay attention to more than expected indicators from Germany. Import prices increased at once by 0.7% being the first exceed during 11 months. This did not save annual decline that more…