The World’s Bigges Pair Has Been Stagnant, When Will the EURUSD Become More Volatile?

Traders have probably noticed that as of late, that the once highly volative and active EURUSD has seen very low volatility and narrow trading ranges. On Wednesday, the pair was up by 0.1% for the day, during the US session, marking a daily move of 10 pips. While it is still the most globally traded pair, this volatility is not enough for traders to base their strategies on.

The truth is, between July and October the pair has barely moved. Its July highs were at 1.20 and lows at 1.16. In simpler terms, its range is at 400 pips over the period of three months, and on most days more…

Is the Bull Run for Gold Over?

Much has been said about the bull market in precious metals as gold rose 40% from March lows to August highs, while silver notably outperformed that and posted a 150% increase in the same time-frame. All this happening within 6 months is very impressive.

However, since August highs, both metals are plunging – gold is lower by 10%, and silver by 25%. That’s understandable, considering the steep rally in metals over the previous months.

The million-dollar question is; what happens next?

The big drop in gold and silver has primarily been driven by dollar strength. The dollar index hit a two-month high on Wednesday. Investors have moved to the USD due to more…

The week of benefit events by Central Banks

Central Banks


EURUSD started off on the wrong foot the last week obviously. From the very beginning the bears rushed to fight for 1.0850 mark. Later, on Tuesday, they repeated the attack but bulls has managed to keep the key mark, postponing the battle for trend. Most probably, the current or the next week will be vital for the pair’s trend. The new week brings such key events for the US dollar as Fed Reserve meeting and October employment report. We do not exclude that cautious Fed Reserve tries to start already on Wednesday, in its November comments, forming the market expectations of more…

Preview: 4 decisions of Central Banks and no changes



During the first half of the week the USD was influenced by the extremely weak payrolls from the USA. Moreover, on Monday Yellen totally destroyed the bulls hopes for the rate raise in June. She announced again the cautiousness that should use the Federal Reserve while the making rate decision. Hence, we should not worry either about unexpected policy tightening next week. As well FOMC forecasts about rate and economy growth remain uncertain. They may again reconsider GDP expectations to the decline side. As per the rate forecasts the uncertainty is much higher.

Weekly unemployment claims, released at the end of the more…

Technical analysis highlights a possibility of short-term correction


The single currency is no longer as sensitive to Draghi’s comments as before. Yesterday he expressed readiness to expand incentives, including non-traditional measures. However, the markets don’t take these words as a threat now as Draghi’s under increasing pressure of Bundesbank and the central banks of other core countries. Thus, the reaction to Draghi’s rhetoric was quickly exhausted. The pair dropped down to 1.2816 (a new high for more than a year). The pair remains oversold. But meanwhile its current position is explained by fundamental factors. So short-term traders can only rely on a quick pullback within the range of the more…