The greenback still bearish, will the trend continue?

The USD saw some gains during this week as sentiment worsened, but the rally was only mild, and it looks like traders are immediately selling it.

The US Congress has finally approved the new fiscal stimulus, although the amount of 900 billion USD seems fairly low. US President Donald Trump has already said he wants more money for US families, so there could still be some complications.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) seems to be aware of this, pumping an astonishing 120 billion USD into the financial system last week.

During the height of its monetary policy response to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the Fed was printing 80 billion more…

The World’s Bigges Pair Has Been Stagnant, When Will the EURUSD Become More Volatile?

Traders have probably noticed that as of late, that the once highly volative and active EURUSD has seen very low volatility and narrow trading ranges. On Wednesday, the pair was up by 0.1% for the day, during the US session, marking a daily move of 10 pips. While it is still the most globally traded pair, this volatility is not enough for traders to base their strategies on.

The truth is, between July and October the pair has barely moved. Its July highs were at 1.20 and lows at 1.16. In simpler terms, its range is at 400 pips over the period of three months, and on most days more…

Probably, USD has stopped its retreat



The pair started the week and continued its serious growth trend, but it could not keep this pace, having stumbled on Thursday. As a result, Euro dropped from the resistance area around 1.0760 almost by a figure. However, dollar bulls could not use the situation to the full extent: the pair stabilized and ended the week a bit above 1.07, actually where it has started the week. On the back of the above process, there was another series of highs renewals of the US stock indices. On Thursday and Friday, those processes a bit slowed down due to profit fixing, which more…

Dollar is returning to its usual ranges



EURUSD reached the area of 1.07 during trades last week. The chances for stable growth even higher are much bigger in the second attempt. The downtrend of the pair faded at the end of December. The renewal of many-years lows at the beginning of January, probably, turned out to a desperate attempt of bears to accelerate their attack, but it failed. Rally of dollar and stock markets caused by Trump’s election was quite significant, and now the serious correction is obvious, otherwise dollar and stock markets would need an important reason to continue growth. In such conditions the traders prefer more…

Trump’s rally reverse

Trump rally


In case the first weeks of the year are showing us the reliable view of traders to the further trends, we should seriously be concerned by the weakening of the American currency. During the first week of the year EURUSD renewed many-years lows, but reversed towards the growth. It managed to accelerate its attack last week despite of some dropping in the middle of the week. Based on the price movements we may conclude that the pair is bought on drops, making the sequence of increasing highs and lows. So far this movement is considered as a part of profit fixing more…