Pound is very attractive without Brexit influence



The British pound has gained strongly since last Thursday, when the supporter of EU membership was murdered by Brexit fanatic. Bookmakers and traders increased their bets quickly thinking that Brits would not like to leave EU. Such estimation is close to reality so far, however, it is too early to talk about final turn. Probably, markets will experience several volatility splashes of British currency during the week. Continue reading

The main issue of the Pound

GBP Brexit


Last 24 hours Euro is moving rather nervously. Yesterday, slipping back to 1.1320, the pair unexpectedly rallied up and managed to reach 1.1430 in the middle of the American session. By the end of the day Euro remained below 1.14 level, though today bulls made one more attempt to attack the price and the pair for some time has jumped up to 1.1450 – the highest level since October,15. But in a couple of hours again it was at 1.1350 level. Continue reading

Short-term bottom of USDCAD



Trading activity went quiet not getting news releases alongside with Eater holidays in banks, main market players. EURUSD is keeping moving at 1.1150 since Thursday. Though, during this period we did not have any significant macroeconomic data release. We can stress only the GDP 4th quarter increase. Yearly growth of GDP (quarter dynamics multiplied by four) reached 1.4% against the expected 1.0%. Continue reading

Dollar returns its levels


The pair continues its slow upward movement. Market analysts emphasize that Federal Reserve officials insist on two rate increases against “less than one” during this year that is factored into interest rate futures quotes now. Though, remarkably steady downtrend of the pair after peaks on March 17 is visible from the first sight to the chart. Non-exchange character of Forex doesn’t allow us to assess the volumes that came through this decline. But we assume they were quite significant. Continue reading