Summing up 2020: Major events of the past year

Congratulations, we’ve made it through 2020! This eventful year is almost over. Let’s take a moment to look back and recall its key events.

It’s difficult to even start to comprehend how much this expiring year has changed our lives. We are all wearing masks and washing our hands several times a day now. If someone told us back in 2019, that we wouldn’t be able to travel or even leave our house, we would laugh in their face. But we did face the lockdown and spent several months self-distancing, in isolation.

But apart from the much-hyped coronavirus, what other key events are worth considering? We believe that there were more…

What is the relationship between plague and assets?

The new corona-virus that originated in China and swept the world has attracted the attention of most people, it had influence on the trend of many financial assets at the same time. Then what is the relationship between different financial assets and the plague?

  1. Stock indices and individual stocks. As far as the stock index is concern, the essence of stock indices is “multiple stocks in each industry / local currency”. We have noticed that many funds call for “the world belongs to the optimists” and “buy stocks”, but they are not really optimists. During epidemics or wars, the purchasing power more…

Market is making a pause before G20 and OPEC – non-OPEC



The pair, probably, laid to the floor. Yesterday EURUSD stabilized around 1.1260 level, and it continues to trade there today. Hesitations of market participants can be explained: they do not have ideas for the further trend development or drastic break of growth to the decline side. Meanwhile, nobody wants to run into the future since the weekend will bring too many official multinational meetings. IMF will report in Washington its vision of world economy (Analytical chapters of the report were published a week ago). As well we can wait for the cooperative announcements from G20 that will meet during Summit. Moreover, more…

Poor US stats push EURUSD above 1.25


The single currency continues its ascent due to USD’s retreat. The latter is under pressure since the economic statistics proved to be poorer than expected by market participants. Actually, it is a franker acknowledgement of the necessity to lock in profits in USD before the final phase of the year. After Thanksgiving Day the market is likely to get more speculative and nervous. It can be vulnerable to sharp upsurges (the Pre-New Year rally) and dips (correction before the end of the year). But since in the preceding months we have seen impressive growth of the US currency and assets, correction more…

Despite the strong statistics USD suffers pressure


The single currency is still being purchased. Besides, since yesterday EURCHF has grown by about 15 pips, which is not much, but is a weekly high. Thus, the SNB can be behind this support for the single currency. But if it is the work of the Swiss, the Bank will soon start selling the euro and buying other currencies for diversification of the reserve portfolio not to stake solely on the depreciating euro with the negative interest rates. Now EURUSD is trading at 1.2560 – it is close to the weekly highs. But also it should be noted that the support more…