December Fest

EACH and EVERY trader gets EXTRA December bonus!

and wish you Happy holidays!

December is a very busy and thrilling period. By the end of the year we finalize our plans, we usually think about our achievements and set up new goals.

To make your December better and to help with New Year preparations we together with XM are giving you new opportunity to earn MORE!

Terms and Conditions

1. Trading accounts registered in XM only are eligible for the promo.

2. Each trader will get the extra bonus additionally to the standard cashback. The value of the bonus depends on the volume of traded round lots during a month as per the chart below:

Round lotsExtra bonus, %
up to 5 lots5%
5.01 – 20 lots10%
20.01 – 100 lots20%
100.01+ lots30%

Number of lots is calculated on one account and not summarized with other trading volume of a client.

Extra December bonus is added additionally to the standard cashback and calculated as follows: standard cashback in December * Extra bonus, %

3. To participate in the promo a Client should:

3.1. open a new trading account without any trading history in XM;

3.2. fund the account, the minimum deposit for participation in the offer is 200 USD. Internal transfers are not counted;

3.3. trade during December.

4. The maximum Extra bonus for one trading account is 500 USD.

5. The promo will start on 01/12/2018 (00:00 am server time) and will last till 31/12/2018 (11:59 pm server time).

6. The extra cashback will be calculated and added to clients’ Globe Gain accounts until 15/01/2019.

7. Globe Gain reserves the right to exclude any trading account from the in case any trading abuse is detected by the broker (XM).

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