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Olymp Trade Review
Founded in 2014

Olymp Trade is an established online broker trailblazing the industry since 2014. The main goal of the company is to make trading simple, affordable and more profitable for its traders. Olymp Trade offers access to different markets: Metals, Stocks, ETFs, Crypto currencies, Forex, FTT. They provide many tools for trading. Among them is an advanced option of MT4 Forex, which is perfect for those traders who value low spreads, automated trading, and analytical tools. MT4 leverage is up to 1:400. As well the company has no fees for funds withdrawal, Multiplier, VIP service, and many more options for more convenient trading. For example, the company offers a unique “risk free trades” tool that helps to return up to 100% of an unsuccessful investment.

Olymp Trade has proved that the quality of service provided is consistent with the highest quality standards. Analytical reviews of the company are regularly published on international websites like Investing.com and Finance Magnates.

Olymp Trade Accounts & Rebates
Instructions For Existing Clients

The transfer existing accounts to our IB group is impossible.

Olymp Trade Rebate Specification
Symbol Standard ($, per lot) ECN ($, per lot) Standard Swap Free ($, per lot) ECN Swap Free ($, per lot)
EURUSD 6.4 4.8 6.88 5.28
GBPUSD 11.2 4.8 11.68 5.28
AUDUSD 8.8 4.8 9.28 5.28
NZDUSD 12.96 4.8 13.44 5.28
USDJPY 4.96 4.8 5.44 5.28
USDCHF 12.64 4.8 13.12 5.28
USDCAD 10.96 4.8 11.30 5.28
Silver 33.6 4.8 34.08 5.28
Gold 64.8 4.8 65.28 5.28
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