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What does it mean – a Rebate?
What should I do to get paid for my Forex trades? How to open an account via Globe Gain?
Is your service free of charge?
How will you send me my rebates?
Do you have any minimum or maximum payout fixed?
Why should one register with your service to get rebates? Isn’t it possible to sign up straight with the chosen broker?
Won’t it happen that I will have to pay a broker more or even suffer a loss in service?
If I sign up with Globe Gain, will you have access to my trading account and see my trades?
Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?
What if I don’t know how to choose a broker and am not sure which one will suit me best? Will you help me in this choice?
If I already work with one of your brokers, can I start getting rebates?
What if the broker I’d like to trade with is not on your list? Is it possible to do anything in such a case?
What is “A Round Turn Lot”?