Three global scenarios for EURUSD



The common currency was trying to fix itself above 1.13 level several times during two previous weeks. Bulls managed to accelerate the pair highest possible up to 1.1360, but the key resistance at 1.14 remained unreachable. Extremely low volatility on the markets until Friday explained by hints expectations from the Fed about chances of soon rates rising. Yellen’s speech about possible September rising could not convince markets. However, Fisher, Fed VP, has commented that the words of his Chief they should consider as a hint for the possibility of the rate rising in September. Continue reading

Pound is very attractive without Brexit influence



The British pound has gained strongly since last Thursday, when the supporter of EU membership was murdered by Brexit fanatic. Bookmakers and traders increased their bets quickly thinking that Brits would not like to leave EU. Such estimation is close to reality so far, however, it is too early to talk about final turn. Probably, markets will experience several volatility splashes of British currency during the week. Continue reading