FX Webinars: Bringing Traders Closer During a Pandemic

It hasn't been all bad for traders forced to spend more time at home. As it turns out, governments' measures to stop the spread of COVID 19 have given traders more time to learn how to trade online.

In many ways, you could say 2020 was the year of the Webinar.

According to a recent study by GoToWebinars, online and educational resources were already gaining steam before the Covid outbreak at the end of 2019. By March 2020, the number of webinars available online shot up by 330%. Webinar attendees had doubled, and it's been doubling monthly since.

People by the millions, have signed up for educational and networking webinars to learn a new trade, or delve deeper into an interest they've always had but hadn't had the time to pursue.

Webinars have proven to be particularly popular among traders. There has been a lot going on in the financial markets to learn about and online financial institutions have been offering their customers access to more and more training and insight to help navigate the market volatility.

New Education Frontiers

Webinars have become a standard educational tool for online traders, in fact, two of the more popular online webinars this year have focused on training and webinars for forex traders.

Forex Educational Webinars

There's been a sharp rise in attendance for forex training webinars, especially forex trading for beginner courses. Most forex now provide extensive educational resources on their websites, and many of them have also begun hosting free educational webinars regularly for their traders over the past year.

Topical Webinars

Webinars around a specific topic or event have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. For example, Axiory hosted several Coronavirus webinars, which helped traders navigate the ups and downs of the market during the lockdown, and its major effect on assets.

Topical webinars are also event-oriented, and 2020 has one of the biggest economical events; the US election. With everyone safely at home and ongoing travel-limitations, increased webinars are bringing traders closer together and giving them access to expert advice, and expert insights. Webinars focused on “How to trade the US elections” will continue to rise in popularity because this election is predicted to have a huge impact on the forex market. 

Why Do Traders Love Webinars

Webinars are an engaging method for both newbies and seasoned professionals in the Forex world because they are accessible from the comfort of anyone's home or mobile phone. In addition, during this difficult time, when everyone is separated, webinars allow traders to stay close to the trading community, despite the cancellation of many seminars, events, and expos which used to bring everyone together on a yearly basis.

One of the most important benefits webinars offers traders is the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. The market is complex and often volatile, and many traders who've been trading for decades have learned the ropes, along with invaluable lessons that they're happy to share with traders. The best part is that every webinar session is archived. So you can always go back and rewatch it again if you've missed something.

Webinars also make trading more connected. Sitting behind a computer alone, trying to make sense of the numbers can make forex trading a lonely and complex endeavor. Why do that when you can network with other traders? Webinars offer attendants an opportunity to join in a community of traders that are continuously exchanging insights and ideas that help you become a smarter trader. So, as the pandemic stretches with no end in sight, brokers who are making the effort to go the extra mile and offer more online engagement than ever will likely win the trust of traders from across the globe.

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