USD rally is coming to a halt for some rest



Last week the dollar bulls were proving their supremacy. They had to fight again for passing downwards the 1.10 level by EURUSD pair. Draghi once more has rattled nerves but very soon everything got back to its place. Euro confirmed its downtrend. It is now proven by the exit from the small consolidation Triangle in the first week of October, followed by the pair’s bulls attempt to return it to the range. Two weeks ago there was the exit from the second Triangle. Continue reading

The US dollar breaks the important resistance levels

US Dollar


In our previous reviews, we wrote that the idea is coming back to the market (to buy dollars on the rate increase expectations). The idea was taking out quite cautiously during the last week of September and the first week of October. However, the bears managed to swing the market last week as well as to from a remarkable trend along with breaking some important support levels. In our fist review in October we mentioned that important support levels are 1.1150 and 1.1000. Continue reading

Following GBP other currencies appeal their boundaries on forex



Forex was waiting for the idea during the third quarter. It did not appear, therefore EURUSD has changed for less than 1.5 figures during the last three months. Volatility indicator ATR (22), showing daily range of the last month, is being on the lows from the middle of 2014 during almost two months. On those days indicator was going even lower – to 40 points from the current 60, but we could see the movement, which we do not have now. It is a heaven for those who prefer range trading in Forex. Continue reading

Federal Reserve started the wave of USD weakening



The American Fed Reserve managed to cause weakening of its own currency. On Wednesday dollar turned downwards that reflected in EURUSD rise to 1.1250 area on Monday. The same levels are highs of the previous two weeks. Moreover, the current levels are close again to the resistance line of the downtrend, which turned the pair in August and September. Hence, the current marks represent important resistance area. Continue reading