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LMFX is an innovative online foreign exchange broker that offers advanced institutional and retail trading conditions to a global audience. They believe in the importance of building strong, secure foundations and the cornerstone of their mission is to provide the full spectrum of cutting-edge trading tools and services that clients require to succeed in the world’s most liquid market.

LMFX goal is to deliver an unparalleled trading experience that offers the most competitive trading conditions available to each and every client, allowing them to trade Forex and CFDs on Commodities, Indices and Shares.

LMFX knows that clients need to stay close to the markets and provide a comprehensive range of mobile and desktop MT4 platforms to ensure that clients never miss a market movement. In addition to an advanced trading environment, clients also have full access to exceptional educational resources via the LMFX Education Centre and advanced trading tools that have been designed to improve trading performance.

LMFX delivers what traders in today’s financial markets need the most! From fast execution and deep liquidity to automated withdrawals of trading profits and ensuring funds are deposited securely in segregated accounts, they are on call 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to help their clients with their trading needs.

LMFX Accounts & Rebates

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