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Основан в 2013

AETOS Capital Group (UK) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of AETOS Capital Group. AETOS Capital Group (UK) Ltd. is authorised and regulated by FCA since 2013 (FCA registration no: 592778).

AETOS Capital Group is one of the most prominent non-banking financial institutions in Australia, with corporate headquarters in Sydney. AETOS Capital Group has a truly global presence with 25 offices around the world, including in the economic powerhouses of London, UK, and Shanghai, China. AETOS Capital Group is trusted and respected in these key financial cities, providing clients from over 100 countries with an excellent service and trading environment.

Safety of client’s funds is one of the most priorities and broker has a number of systems and procedures in place to make sure that the money you invest with AETOS Capital Group is not at risk.

All clients’ funds that are held by AETOS Capital Group (UK) Limited comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Client Money Rules. This means that clients’ funds are in a segregated bank account separated away from the company’s operating funds. All of clients’ funds are safely held at top tier banks and because of this broker can ensure that all of our clients’ funds are separated away from the company’s accounts.

AETOS Accounts & Rebates
Инструкция для действующих клиентов

1. That's not possible to get rebates on existing accounts.

2. To get rebates you should open a new trading account.

Спецификация рибейтов AETOS

General accounts:

Forex - $5.6

XAUUSD - $10.5

XAGUSD - $28

Other metals - $28

Agriculture - $28

Energy - $8.4

Indices - $8.4

Premium accounts:

Please note our service doesn't provide rebates for Premium accounts.