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Tickmill cashback / rebates

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Tickmill Cashback Rates

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$7.0 per lot
$1.4 per lot
$1.4 per lot
Cashback is credited only for CFD trading in currency pairs and metals.
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Instruction For Existing Clients
You already have trading account

If the trading account that you want to assign to our partner group was opened earlier, you need to send a request to the broker. A sample letter is shown on the right. The transfer of an account to a partner group occurs at the sole decision of the broker.

Open a new account in a few clicks
You can open an additional trading account in a few clicks in the client's area by entering our IB code. To do this, log in to your Tickmill personal area, click "Open new account" in the "IB Select" field select "New Introducing Broker" and in the "IB code" field, insert "IB55628504" for a Seychelles company or "IBU24014940" for Tickmill UK entity.

After a new trading account is opened, you can transfer money from your old account to a new one also in a few clicks in your Tickmill client's area.

Once your trading account has been transferred to our partner group, please send us an email notification support@globegain.com. This is necessary to speed up the approval of the invoice in our system.

Fill in the fields, copy the text of the letter and send it to the email specified in the note.

Dear Sirs,

Please place my account xxxxxxxxxxx under IB55628504 or IBU24014940 (for Tickmill UK accounts).

Kind regards,
John Brown

The email should be send to: support@tickmill.com

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About Tickmill

The Tickmill Group consists of a number of companies registered in different countries, including the UK and Cyprus. One of them - Tickmill Ltd - is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), license number SD008, classified as “Securities Dealer”. Other companies of the group are licensed by CySec (Cyprus) and FCA (Great Britain), LFSA (Malaysia), FSCA (South Africa).