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Pepperstone Review
Founded in 2009
Licenses: ASIC

Pepperstone Financial was established in 2010 by a professional management team boasting broad experience in Forex and software industry. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Pepperstone is an execution only Forex trading company providing trading solutions which cater both for veteran traders and newbies. Pepperstone assists retail customers in using Forex as an asset class and part of their investment targets by providing them with an advanced trading platform, sophisticated trading tools and expert customer service. Pepperstone offers a direct and complete access to multiple liquidity destinations in the Forex markets leaving apart the common burden of a dealing desk.

Pepperstone Accounts & Rebates
Instructions For Existing Clients

If you have registered in the company before and want to place trading account under Globe Gain IB group, you need to send email to the broker. The accounts are transferred under our IB based on broker’s decision.

In case of negative reply from the broker, we suggest to open a new account following Globe Gain IB link.

The sample of the email is below (click to copy).

Recipient: support@pepperstone.com
Subject: Account transfer under IB
Email body:

Dear Sirs,

Please place my account [account number] under IB 587144.

Kind regards,
[your name]

As soon as your account will be placed in our IB group, please send us confirmation to support@globegain.com.

Pepperstone Rebate Specification

Rebates based on client account currency below:

Razor - USD 0.81
Standard - USD 2.79

Razor - EUR 0.56
Standard - EUR 2.08

Razor - CHF 0.70
Standard - CHF 2.53

Razor - GBP 0.49
Standard - GBP 1.65

Razor - AUD 0.75
Standard - AUD 3.00

Razor - JPY 65.08
Standard - JPY 285.13

Razor - NZD 1.02
Standard - NZD 3.29

Razor - SGD 0.97
Standard - SGD 2.58

Razor - CAD 0.75
Standard - CAD 2.88