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Any Forex trader should be in the know of what’s going down on the world economic arena and markets, otherwise how is it possible to trade without knowing WHAT you are trading, what the economic trends are and what will happen next in the financial world? To trade Forex more effectively it’s vital to analyze not only the charts, but also news from markets and Forex fundamental data to see what moves are going to form new trends.

There is a great deal of figures which are of help when analyzing markets like interest rate forming the currency price, employment rate influencing the interest rate, trade balance and budget also affecting the currency price, retail sales and durable goods reflecting the consumer needs and sentiments. Of course it’s really time- and effort-consuming to analyze such a plethora of data, yet requires a great experience in the field.

To save your time our in-house Forex experts provide in-depth reviews of daily Forex news and market behaviour, that is Forex analytics. Our Forex analytics is daily updated and as such will enable you to constantly keep the track of latest events in the currency market.

Be in the know of daily events in the Forex market and their analysis with in-depth Forex reviews (Forex analytics) by Globe Gain’s in-house Forex experts.

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Economic Calendar

To make their trading activity successful traders have to keep the track of all events that affect the Forex market. In regard to this the Economic Calendar (Forex Calendar) can be a really useful tool as it provides basic macroeconomic data, including the time of their release and their importance, and also indicates expected or highly probable events at the market. Having chosen the most significant of them traders can properly plan their trading day to have some spare time for a detailed analysis of the market. Our advanced and reliable Economic Calendar (Forex Calendar) will help you to make your trade by far more convenient and profitable.

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