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FXCM UK Rebates

Open an account through this page and get Rebates on each traded lot:
pip per lot
* The average value for major instruments.
FXCM UK Review
Founded in 2001
FXCM Ltd. (Forex Capital Markets Limited) is a UK subsidiary of FXCM Inc. FXCM is one of the biggest and best known providers of Forex trading and related services in the industry. Featuring enhanced execution, FXCM ensures that client orders are filled from the best available pricing. Thanks to a large network of liquidity providers quoting prices to FXCM, clients can enjoy not only tight spreads, but also the absence of any restrictions on their trading style: orders can be placed anywhere (even inside the spread), scalping is allowed, trading at the release of market-moving news is available. Taking due account of different trading styles used in the market, FXCM offers a variety of trading platforms, including the popular MT4 and its in-house Trading Station. The former is mainly selected by automated system traders and the latter is generally favoured by big discretionary traders due to some attractive features like one-click execution of orders, partial fills and server-side trailing stops (which means that your trading platform doesn't have to be running for trailing stops to be valid). Due to all these advantages also supplemented with high quality service and an individual approach to each customer, FXCM proves to be one of the few brokers which can be recommended to any trader.
FXCM UK Accounts & Rebates
Instructions For Existing Clients

In regards to the issue mentioned, you will need to clarify the IB name via the attached Referral Disclosure Form (you can also submit the online version of this form via MyFXCM.com).

IB name "Iouri Shmonin"

The completed form can be sent to admin@fxcm.com from the email address on file. If you have any questions or need anything future, do not hesitate to contact us.


Please note FXCM does spread markup for GER30 for IBs.

FXCM UK Rebate Specification


NDD Execution Model and Mark-up Pricing Model (Excluding Active Traders) - a rebate equal to 0.7 pip per lot.

NDD Execution Model and Retail Commission Pricing Model (Including Active Traders not using the Enhanced Spread Plus Commission Pricing Model) - a rebate equal to 35% of the commission charhed by FXCM at time of execution.


a rebate equal to 0.35 pip per lot on all CFD transactions where the underlying instrument is a share index, treasure and/or energy product (excluding the Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index Dollar Basket, "USDOLLAR");

a rebate equal to 0.35 pip per lot on XAG/USD, XPD/USD and XPT/USD CFD transactions;

a rebate equal 3.5 pips per contract on XAU/USD CFD;

a rebate equal 0.17 pip per contract on Copper CFD;

a rebate equal 0.17 pip per contract on all USDOLLAR CFD, excluding Forex.