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Forex Cashback

What is Forex Cashback?

Cashback is given to traders as an incentive to op en new accounts in a particular Forex Broker. Joining a Forex rebate plan means get cash back cash from trading Forex. Forex Cashback is actually a program that works as a discount coupon on behalf of Forex Traders

How does it work?

  • Brokers pay us for each trade made by the introduced client (it’s You)
  • We share 60-90% of our fee with you; this is how you get rebated on your trades
  • You get forex rebates both on losing and winning positions!

3 Steps to Get Rebates

Step 1
Sign up for Globe Gain

The Sign up link can be found on each page of the website

Step 2
Open a broker account

Open a live account with the preferred broker through GlobeGain.com

Step 3
Get your rebates

Start trading and get your rebates!

Why Globe Gain Forex Rebates?

Rebate Services

Unlike other rebate services we represent only regulated and reliable brokers. We don’t seek after the quantity, it’s better to have a few good partners than a great many with doubtful reputation


We offer some of the highest rebates in the industry, but we don’t attempt at whatever the cost to be ahead of our competitors, which claim to outbid any rates

Useful Cooperation

Successful trading of our clients is in our interests. The more our clients profit, the larger volumes they tend to trade, the bigger fee we get from the broker and the more handsome rebates we pay

Get paid on each trade, both winning and losing!
Build up your profits or cover your losses if any – this way or another you are the gainer!
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