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The Electronic Communication Network (ECN) was first invented around 1969, making it transparent, efficient and cost-effective; it quickly replaced manual traders and became the dominant player in today's transactions. It continuously improves and solve problems making it the way for development and progress of civilization. TradeMax never set itself as an online trading platform. From the early days of their establishment to the present day, every step of TradeMax's development is initiated from the view of all new requests and demands bearing concept of improvement and resolutions.

Since the beginning, TradeMax runs a highly professional and independent technical team that allows optimal devotion and efficiency, therefore is able to provide safer and more helpful technical developments. Participation from Deloitte and BDO will oversee the compliance and reliability of TradeMax, hence they ensure that they perform at the highest standards in the world. Furthermore, the addition of David Mullan and Rick Klink maximize the TradeMax board of directors and provided tremendous help and foundation for the establishment of its securities and wealth management businesses.

Over the years, the 'quantity' accumulation until 2018 will enable the ‘quality’ change of TradeMax ' this year. They will continually remind ourselves of their initially mission and motivation to never stop growing and moving forward - let the struggle and desire allow us to be connect with the best resources in the world and truly achieve the service of trade in the real global market.

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