Amazing New Year 2012 Gift

Open a broker account, deposit it, start trading in December 2011 and get bigger throughout the coming year! If earlier you had to trade more than 160 lots* a month to get maximal the only thing you have to do now is to open an account and get down to trading in December!


Broker – Trading Point. Traded currency pair – .

According to the rebate specification the regular rebates for this broker and currency pair make 0.6 pips per round turn lot traded. By opening an account with Trading Point in December you increase your rebates up to 0.7 pips regardless of the monthly trade volume. Do it now and enjoy receiving higher rebates throughout the coming year!

BrokerRegular Rebates per lot, EURUSDNew Year Gift Rebates per lot, EURUSD
MIG BANK0.3 pip0.35 pip
Tadawul FX0.6 pip0.7 pip
.com UK0.6 pip0.7 pip
ACFX0.6 pip0.7 pip
IronFX0.36 pip0.42 pip
IBFX Australia0.6 pip0.7 pip
Windsor Brokers0.3 pip0.35 pip
Varengold FX$4$4.9
Alpari UK
Pepperstone0.3 pip0.35 pip
FXCC0.24 pip0.28 pip
Trading Point0.6 pip0.7 pip
BMFN Australia$6/$7.2$7/$8.4
Ava FX0.6 pip0.7 pip
FxPro0.3 pip0.35 pip

Get more information on the rebates for other financial instruments from the corresponding specifications or our support team.

1. Only new clients, who weren’t registered at Forex Rebates earlier, are entitled for the special offer.
2. To participate in the promo action you should from 00:01 01.12.2011 till 23:59 31.12.2011:
a) sign up with Globe Gain Forex Rebates;
b) open an account with one of the brokers on our list;
c) deposit an account and start trading
3. Higher rebates are paid for all transactions executed in the period from 00:01 01.12.2011 till 23.59 31.12.2012.

* With some brokers maximal rebates are regularly paid for the monthly trade volume of 500+ lots. But within the promo action the rebate rate for trade volume of 160+ lots will be considered as maximal.

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